Sex Assault Crimes Attorney in Stamford, CT

Devastating Charges

In a sex crime or violent crime case, the accusations alone can be devastating for the accused, regardless of the outcome. Publication of the accusations, just the allegation of a charge, carries significant stigma and could lead to long-term negative consequences. The actual consequences of a criminal conviction are also severe. You need an outstanding criminal defense attorney with experience handling sexual assault charges to help you avoid these consequences.

Koffsky & Felsen, LLC, has the experience and skill to fight for your criminal defense. With more than 35 combined years of experience as Connecticut attorneys, we know what it takes to get the best outcome possible for your defense.

See a Sexual Assault Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Time is of the essence. It is imperative that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately upon learning that you are the subject of an investigation or upon an arrest for any of these charges. Call our office at 203-883-0794 or contact us online for a free consultation.

Sex Crimes

Sex crimes carry harsh penalties. Our firm helps you structure an aggressive defense in order to attempt to prevent consequences such as:

We know how important it is to minimize the damage of these charges. We are skilled and aggressive litigators, and we also have the experience to know when the best outcome will involve a negotiated solution or a trial.

We can defend you from many types of sex crime charges, including:

  • Possession or distribution of child pornography
  • Lewd acts/public indecency
  • Sexual assault/rape
  • Sexual misconduct

Sex Offender Registry and Probation

It is important for clients to note that in some sex crime cases, a conviction may result in the requirement that you register as a sex offender and comply with a variety of specific probation guidelines. Before taking a plea, working out an arrangement or taking the case to trial, our firm can help you understand what you are facing and how a conviction on a sex offense may impact your future.

We know how to aggressively defend you at trial while always keeping an eye out for alternative ways to resolve your case in a way that protects you.

Our Attorneys in Stamford, CT, Work Hard to Defend You Against A Sexual Assault Charge

We work diligently for our clients, by reviewing the evidence and conducting a thorough investigation to ensure that you get the best defense. Either call our law firm office at 203-883-0794 — serving Connecticut and New York — or contact us online for a free consultation.