Weapons Charge Defense Attorneys in Stamford

Law enforcement treat weapons-related offenses very seriously. Whether you are charged with Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon or if you are charged with Possession of a Gun Without a Permit, you need an attorney by your side with experience handling these types of cases.

Firearms laws vary from state to state. If you were charged with a weapons offense in New York or Connecticut, an attorney from the law office of Koffsky & Felsen, LLC, can help you. With more than 35 years of combined experience, our attorneys in Stamford can provide you with the answers and advocacy you need in state or federal court.

Conviction for a weapons-related offense can result in serious consequences. Work with an attorney who knows the law. Contact our lawyers online or call us at 203-883-0794 for a free initial consultation.

Types of Weapons Offenses

There are a wide variety of weapons and firearms laws. At our firm, we help clients who have been charged with weapons offenses involving:

  • Possession of a handgun with a permit
  • Possession of firearm by an individual with a felony conviction
  • Possession of firearm by an individual who has a restraining order against him or her
  • Possession of illegal weapons such as an assault weapon, a sawed off shotgun or a switchblade
  • Possession of a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Possession of weapons in a motor vehicle

Additionally, many criminal charges carry harsher penalties when a weapon is involved. This includes crimes such as robbery, assault and drug offenses.

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Do not take a weapons charge lightly. We can help you protect your Fourth Amendment rights and your interests at every stage of your case. We offer a free initial consultation so you can speak with us about your weapons charge confidentially and with no obligation. Call our office or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment.