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November 2012 Archives

New court offers vets a recourse from prison time

Drug crimes frequently have their beginnings in very legal and necessary medical use. Warranted prescription medication can quickly and unintentionally become dependence and abuse, driving once law-abiding citizens to do unprecedented and out of character things in order to continue feeding their addictions.

New Haven man receives stiff drug sentence

In any legal case, when multiple criminal charges are in play the situation grows especially serious. One charge frequently influences and implicates another, and potential sentencing totals can quickly add up to an intimidating amount of fines and jail time. While every criminal defense case has the potential to render a "not guilty" verdict or seriously lessened charges, the severity of these cases demands that a defendant be serious and proactive in their legal actions.

Reckless behavior lands woman DWI charge

Running away from a drunk driving charge is never a worthwhile strategy. Be it the initial arrest, an outstanding charge, or pending sentencing, each step in the process is one that defendants should meet directly and with the help of a proactive legal defense. While the looming obstacle of a DWI or DUI charge can be intimidating, running away can only aggravate and complicate life beyond the inevitable court date.

Man asserts his innocence in DUI case

"Innocent until proven guilty" is one of the fundamental principles of America's justice system. Too often though, in world of fast-paced media and endless opinion exchange, suspects are taken as guilty criminals before they ever have their entitled chance to defend themselves in court. However, in the face of a DUI charge, one New England man is working hard fight this trend and assert his rights.