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Reckless behavior lands woman DWI charge

Running away from a drunk driving charge is never a worthwhile strategy. Be it the initial arrest, an outstanding charge, or pending sentencing, each step in the process is one that defendants should meet directly and with the help of a proactive legal defense. While the looming obstacle of a DWI or DUI charge can be intimidating, running away can only aggravate and complicate life beyond the inevitable court date.

One Greenwich woman learned this lesson in a very real way last month when she was charged with DWI after repeated infractions, including attempting to flee police. The 39-year-old woman was first reported by management of a restaurant for being "intoxicated and disorderly" on the premises, and was issued a citation for "creating a public disturbance" by officers. A friend accompanying the woman assured police onlookers that she would drive the intoxicated woman home safely.

Less than an hour later police returned to the Riverview restaurant to find the woman driving her car recklessly, nearly colliding with pedestrians in the parking lot. Noticing that officers were in pursuit, the woman left her vehicle and fled on foot, eventually being arrested in a nearby bank parking lot.

Charges filed against the woman include DWI, reckless driving, and interfering with an officer. She was released after posting $250 bond.

Even when the woman's uncooperative actions and multiple charges are taken into account, she stands a good chance of having charges and sentencing either reduced or dismissed outright. An attorney who specializes in drunk driving defense can help those tempted to run from their charges face a court appointment head-on, with confidence and experience on their side.

Source: Weston-Redding-Easton Patch, "Weston Woman Faces DWI Charge," Barbara Heins, Oct. 23, 2012

  • Our firm may be able to help those who face drunk driving charges, even if additional allegations are in play. For more information, contact our Connecticut DWI/DUI law page.

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