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Home invasion lands three in jail without bail

As the holidays wind down and any return to the routines they are accustomed to, the emotion and excitement that defines the end of the year inevitably ebbs and subsides. However, for those who may have let snap decisions and quickened tempers get the better of them recently, any return to normalcy may be long-delayed or even permanently ruled out. These sorts of mpulsive actions can quickly lead to a situation of criminal charges and serious potential sentencing.

For three New England men, the impulse decision to forcibly enter a home earlier in the holiday season may now have permanent repercussions. Apprehended by an 80-officer sweep that included members of the Connecticut and Massachusetts police, along with the South County Crime and Drug Task Force, the men were implicated in a home invasion and pressed with numerous charges.

The three men, ranging in age from 26 to 61, are being held without bail in Massachusetts after appearing in Dudley District Court last week. Taken into custody on New Year's Day, the three are suspected of forcibly entering a first-floor Dudley apartment on the evening of Dec. 13 and assaulting two people, causing serious injuries.

Charges pressed against the three included mayhem, armed assault in a dwelling, home invasion, felony for hire, possessing a firearm with a felony conviction, and conspiracy.

Violent crimes such as these carry with them very, very strict sentencing possibilities. The likelihood that jail time, a crippling fine, and long-term parole will come to disrupt the everyday lives of those charged with these offenses, however great or slim, can never be ignored. Fortunately, the counsel of a criminal defense attorney can help to illuminate the options available to those charged and improve the chance of lessened or dismissed charges.

Source: Worcester Telegram & Gazette, "Three held without bail in Dudley home invasion," Jan. 2, 2013

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