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February 2013 Archives

Sexual assault charges filed against Stamford man

A sexual assault charge is a serious one, and if a person is found guilty in a court of law, he could find himself looking at serving several years in prison. He is also labeled as a sex offender and when he are released, he will have to abide by very strict rules if he doesn't want to be sent back to prison. It is a label that people wear the rest of their lives. Practically everywhere they go they are required to identify themselves as such.

Stamford teen faces several charges after attempted robbery

A teenager is often in a state of limbo. He or she is no longer a small child but they are not quite an adult and therefore, life can appear very confusing to them. Often, they act without thinking about the consequences and this can get them into trouble, should they make the wrong kinds of choices. The juvenile justice system is filled with young people who are struggling to find their identity and who may be trying to fight addiction and the influence of others.

Couple faces serious drug charges in Stamford

In incidents involving prolonged police investigations leading to multiple charges, suspects often face the prospect of stressful and lengthy trial proceedings. In some instances, law enforcement officers have been working in conjunction with prosecutors to build a case against people before they are even officially identified as suspects, placing them at a great disadvantage to seek adequate counsel and build a defense strategy. Similarly, when two familiar parties are accused of committing a crime together, they may face the added burden of distinguishing their actions from those of their counterpart. One Connecticut couple is now in this very difficult situation, facing multiple criminal charges.

Connecticut man pleads guilty to multiple robbery counts

People accused of serious crimes may be advised to plead not guilty so that they can go a trial in the hope of being acquitted. However, there are instances where accepting responsibility for one's actions can have a positive effect on sentencing. This may have been the case for a man who has opted out of standing trial for multiple criminal charges by pleading guilty to all counts against him in a Connecticut Superior Court. In a series of events that began with an initial arrest and subsequent confessions, the defendant admitted responsibility for a multitude of robberies.