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Connecticut man pleads guilty to multiple robbery counts

People accused of serious crimes may be advised to plead not guilty so that they can go a trial in the hope of being acquitted. However, there are instances where accepting responsibility for one's actions can have a positive effect on sentencing. This may have been the case for a man who has opted out of standing trial for multiple criminal charges by pleading guilty to all counts against him in a Connecticut Superior Court. In a series of events that began with an initial arrest and subsequent confessions, the defendant admitted responsibility for a multitude of robberies.

The man was initially arrested in May for robbing a bakery a few days before. He was subsequently linked to robbery incidents in Stratford, Fairfield, and Bridgeport. During that time, he was connected to robberies that took place at two more area businesses. The man also claimed responsibility for four other robberies.

Charged with one count of attempted first-degree robbery and seven counts of first-degree robbery, the man's guilty pleas will lead to a 13-year prison sentence. The string of robberies happened within a relatively short period of time, from the end of April through the beginning of May last year, so the defendant was also charged for repeat felonies. His time in prison will be deducted from the days he has already been in custody, and his 12-year parole for these crimes will run in conjunction with sentences he still carries for past robberies.

Since the man in this case did not stand trial, it is difficult to speculate on whether or not he would have been found guilty on all charges; however, the course of action he did take might have been the best one for him.

Source: ctpost.com, "Shelton man faces 13 years in crime spree," Daniel Tepfer, Jan. 31, 2013

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