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Couple faces serious drug charges in Stamford

In incidents involving prolonged police investigations leading to multiple charges, suspects often face the prospect of stressful and lengthy trial proceedings. In some instances, law enforcement officers have been working in conjunction with prosecutors to build a case against people before they are even officially identified as suspects, placing them at a great disadvantage to seek adequate counsel and build a defense strategy. Similarly, when two familiar parties are accused of committing a crime together, they may face the added burden of distinguishing their actions from those of their counterpart. One Connecticut couple is now in this very difficult situation, facing multiple criminal charges.

The drug charges filed against a Stamford man and his girlfriend came after law enforcement officers began investigating the couple in late 2012. Their five-month inquiry culminated in police using search warrants to enter the man's apartment earlier this month. According to law enforcement, they found a substantial amount of drugs, along with drug-related paraphernalia, inside the man's home.

While a search of the man's person conducted by law enforcement did not lead to any more evidence, they apparently did find that the girlfriend was carrying drugs after performing a strip search. She has since been accused of multiple drug crimes, including having and intending to sell illegal drugs. The man faces similar charges, in addition to allegations of running a drug mill.

Given that the man was convicted of federal criminal drug charges before, it is unclear how his current case will be tried. Similarly, it is unknown what role, if any, the woman actually played in the operation. It may be revealed in her defense that she was forced to hold the drugs against her will.

Source: ctpost.com, "Drug bust nets federal felon, girlfriend," Jan. 30, 2013

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