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Connecticut teacher accused of sexually assaulting students

Teachers are often responsible for upholding strict standards for behavior and social conduct. Not only is it their duty to teach children according to academic lesson plans but they are also viewed as mentors and examples of outstanding citizens. And while many communities revere their educators for their hard work and dedication to their students, some people may fail to recognize that teachers have personal lives and deal with very serious issues of their own. Many of the details surrounding the case have yet to be revealed, but one Farmington, Connecticut, teacher is facing serious allegations regarding his alleged involvement with some of his students.

The teacher is accused of carrying on an inappropriate relationship with one of his students over a year ago. The minor is identified as the sixth victim in an arrest warrant that was recently issued, and the teacher is suspected of committing sex offenses on students in his classroom. There may be five other potential victims that law enforcement are investigating.

The defendant worked at Miss Porter's School for Girls, which he was allegedly fired from in March. Not only did he coach sports but he also taught physics. Law enforcement claim that he confessed to having sex with the female student. The circumstances behind the defendant's alleged confession are unclear. Though, the arrest warrant supposedly notes his portrayal of the relationship he had with his student. The teacher was since charged with sexual assault.

Given that his alleged victim is a minor, the defendant may soon face other, more severe charges. Similarly, he is now also forced to deal with the consequences of such accusations on his reputation and career. Obtaining sound legal counsel may be the best way to protect his rights and ensure a fair trial.

Source: wtnh.com, "Teacher charged with sex assault in court," Keith Kountz, April 9, 2013

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