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May 2013 Archives

Major investigation leads to drug trafficking conviction

Obtaining multiple convictions is often the goal of prosecutors when they contribute to full-scale, inter-agency investigations. For instance, when federal and local authorities join forces and use surveillance tools to monitor suspects over a period of time, they may have the advantage of constructing a case around their alleged findings in some instances. As a result, federal criminal defense attorneys must do their best to protect their clients’ rights throughout the entire trial and sentencing process. One man may have been apprehended and tried under such difficult circumstances, as he recently pleaded guilty to charges filed against him in a Bridgeport, Connecticut, federal court.  

Drunk driving restrictions may get even tougher

Most people may agree that it is important for law enforcement and legislatures to act in the interest of protecting the public’s safety. Though, people living in Connecticut and all throughout the country must take notice when measures intended to promote safety may actually infringe upon citizens’ rights. Unfortunately, this may be the case if certain changes are made to current federal drunk driving policies, as they could lead to innocent drivers facing criminal charges.

Drunk driving suspects vulnerable under the law

The American legal system is built on the foundation that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Though, federal legislation that affects thousands of people each year may be designed and implemented to actually incriminate individuals unless they can prove their innocence. The flaws in drunk driving laws can be seen in how they are written and enforced throughout Connecticut and the country.

Police officer accused of drunk driving

Allegations of committing a crime carry serious repercussions, even if the crime is a minor offense. Not only must the suspect deal with the legal consequences of their actions but they may also be left to endure other ramifications like damage to their reputation and career even. That is why accusations should be handled with a certain degree of discretion so that the defendant is not unduly punished even before he or she is officially charged with an offense in Connecticut. Fortunately for one police officer, his employers seem to understand the complexity of the situation he now finds himself in and are taking measures to handle his drunk driving case with consideration.

Warrants now required in most cases for DUI blood tests

Every now and then a criminal law case goes to trial that can set precedence and even cause controversy throughout the larger judicial system. It is in these instances that the U.S. Supreme Court may be called upon to rule on how the law will be interpreted from that point on. This is exactly what happened recently when the Supreme Court decided on how law enforcement should administer blood alcohol tests to suspected drunk drivers throughout the country.