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Major investigation leads to drug trafficking conviction

Obtaining multiple convictions is often the goal of prosecutors when they contribute to full-scale, inter-agency investigations. For instance, when federal and local authorities join forces and use surveillance tools to monitor suspects over a period of time, they may have the advantage of constructing a case around their alleged findings in some instances. As a result, federal criminal defense attorneys must do their best to protect their clients’ rights throughout the entire trial and sentencing process. One man may have been apprehended and tried under such difficult circumstances, as he recently pleaded guilty to charges filed against him in a Bridgeport, Connecticut, federal court.  

The defendant in this specific case was accused of selling large amounts of cocaine he bought from sources around Bridgeport. Investigators claim that the illegal activity took place during a span of five months, beginning in September of 2012. 

The investigation was part of a larger operation orchestrated by Stamford, Connecticut, police and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). Wiretaps were used to survey suspects from Stamford to Bridgeport to Norwalk, and ultimately resulted in the arrests of some 24 suspects.

For his alleged role in the drug ring, the defendant was accused of and pleaded guilty to conspiring to distribute crack cocaine. He has since been sentenced to five years of probation after he completes a 10-year prison sentence.

Under such circumstances, where defendants may be faced with incriminating evidence and serious charges against them, it’s important that they seek legal representation they can rely on and trust. From entering the appropriate plea to ensuring sentencing is fair and just, a responsible defense attorney will defend their client’s rights all along the way. 

Source: ctpost.com, “Norwalk man gets 10 years in drug trafficking case,” May 22, 2013

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