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Police officer accused of drunk driving

Allegations of committing a crime carry serious repercussions, even if the crime is a minor offense. Not only must the suspect deal with the legal consequences of their actions but they may also be left to endure other ramifications like damage to their reputation and career even. That is why accusations should be handled with a certain degree of discretion so that the defendant is not unduly punished even before he or she is officially charged with an offense in Connecticut. Fortunately for one police officer, his employers seem to understand the complexity of the situation he now finds himself in and are taking measures to handle his drunk driving case with consideration.

When an individual is arrested, his or her name is usually subject to public record. However, in this instance the defendant’s name is being withheld by law enforcement to protect his safety even though he is not likely to face criminal charges. The defendant is an active police officer currently on assignment, so there is concern that his work could be compromised if his identity is made public. 

At the time the defendant was arrested for suspicion of drunk driving, he was taken into custody before a blood alcohol test was administered. Responding officers opted to use a blood test instead of conducting a Breathalyzer or field sobriety test onsite. The officer was later release to another adult and awaits a court appearance.

Because his identity has yet to be given, the officer has not been officially charged with drunk driving. Surely, prosecutors and the police department will seek some form of punishment for the defendant, but for now it’s reassuring that all parties are being respectful and responsible in how they handle his case.

Source: montereyherald.com, “Solinas police won’t reveal name of officer suspected of DUI,” Virginia Hennessey, April 30, 2013

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