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June 2013 Archives

Another tool to protect against false drunk driving charges

In Connecticut and beyond, strict state and federal laws are enforced to promote road safety. Most drivers understand and appreciate that these policies are in place to protect their welfare and prevent accidents. Unfortunately though, many come to realize that more can be done to uphold the rights of drivers facing drunk driving criminal charges. One politician is now taking up the cause of protecting drivers from fabricated accusations, since he himself found his rights put in jeopardy by false charges.

Criminal defense must protect against extreme sentencing

While the majority of Connecticut criminal prosecutors and justices alike strive to uphold the law and enforce fair judgment, some seek to make examples of defendants and promote other agendas. That is why a major component of criminal defense is safeguarding clients’ rights throughout the entire process, ensuring that sentencing is sensible and objective. One recent case illustrates how a defendant’s right to fair sentencing can be threatened by an overzealous prosecution team unless reason prevails.

Any criminal charge could be paired with DNA sample

Anyone facing serious accusations and/or arrest in Connecticut understands how difficult and stressful it can be to deal with this type of situation. Many times, individuals are made to feel as though they’re guilty of some crime even before criminal charges are issued. And now some are concerned that the U.S. Supreme Court may be condoning such prejudicial treatment by passing a law that could potentially leave millions of Americans subject to DNA tests.

Prosecutors can withhold evidence to manipulate criminal law

In Connecticut and other states, the right to a fair trial is guaranteed to all citizens. That is why a large number of federal laws are in place to protect the rights of alleged victims and defendants alike. And while the great majority of criminal defense attorneys and prosecutors respect and uphold such standards, some defendants are forced to contend with unscrupulous prosecution techniques and policies intended, it seems, to achieve convictions no matter what.