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Another tool to protect against false drunk driving charges

In Connecticut and beyond, strict state and federal laws are enforced to promote road safety. Most drivers understand and appreciate that these policies are in place to protect their welfare and prevent accidents. Unfortunately though, many come to realize that more can be done to uphold the rights of drivers facing drunk driving criminal charges. One politician is now taking up the cause of protecting drivers from fabricated accusations, since he himself found his rights put in jeopardy by false charges.

In 2012, the state assemblyman was pulled over by a police officer for allegedly cutting him off on the road. Despite the man's adamant claims that he hadn't been drinking at all, he was charged with drunk driving. It wasn't until the recorded dashboard camera footage from the officer's patrol vehicle was reviewed that the patrolman's accusations were discredited. Fortunately, all charges against the assemblyman were dropped, but he's the first to admit his case could have played out very differently. 

As a result, the assemblyman is hoping to ensure other drivers have the same access to vindication that he did. He's pushing for new legislation that would place a dashboard camera in all future municipal police cars. Having video evidence of traffic stops would eliminate the need to rely solely on personal accounts, granting suspects the opportunity to defend themselves against bogus claims.

The new measure would be funded by a fee attached to other drunk driving fines. It is not stated when the proposed legislation might come up for a vote, but the fact that it's being considered at all is an encouraging sign.  

Source: newjerseynewsroom.com, "NJ Assemblyman's Drunk Driving Charge Used For Dashboard Cameras Issue," Bob Holt, June 19, 2013