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A criminal record may magnify drug charges

In the state of Connecticut and elsewhere, the criminal justice system is designed to punish and prevent offenses. As a result, the rights of individuals with criminal convictions on their records can be legally restricted in numerous ways.  And while such policies addressing the rights of convicted felons may inhibit repeat offenses in some instances, they may also inflate charges and expose the harshness of the federal criminal procedure. In fact, one recent case serves as a real-life example of how one’s criminal history can affect the type and severity of any future charges he or she may face.

The defendant in the case was found guilty of criminal drug possession in 2005. In 2000, he was convicted on felony assault charges. And it may be largely due to these previous convictions that the man now faces similar serious charges. He is accused of having more than 10 kinds of ammunition in his possession, in addition to seven weapons. There is no word, though, on how authorities discovered the defendant’s alleged weapons. 

It’s not yet known if the defendant will be allowed to post bail because prosecutors are arguing that he is a flight risk and a threat to the community. They have officially charged the defendant with federal charges of drug possession with the intent to distribute, and firearm and body armor possession.

Like the defendant in this case, anyone with a criminal record can be especially susceptible to overzealous policies and prosecution. A sound legal defense can help to educate individuals on their rights and responsibilities.  

Source: ctpost.com, “Convicted felon accused of firearms, drug offenses,” July 27, 2013