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Criminal charges can come late and heavy

When a major car accident occurs in Connecticut and beyond, it is not entirely uncommon for the scene to be confusing and even chaotic. Often times, victims require immediate attention and authorities may document details of the incident for later review so that the scene can be cleared as quickly as possible. It may be in these types of cases that criminal charges are filed only after authorities take the time to consider the incident, making the need for sound legal counsel more crucial than ever. One young man is now facing serious underage drinking charges relating to the death of another motorist in an accident that happened last year.

On July 24, 2012, the 18-year-old defendant is accused of killing another driver when his vehicle hit the victim’s Dodge truck directly. The victim is reported to have died on site; though, the defendant recovered after spending almost two weeks in the hospital being treated for his injuries. Authorities claim that the collision occurred when the defendant’s Jeep Cherokee veered into oncoming traffic.

Given that the defendant had to be airlifted to the hospital immediately, Highway Patrol officers did not allegedly have the opportunity to assess his sobriety level. Now, authorities refuse to acknowledge whether or not they suspected drunk driving at the time.

The ongoing case originally resulted in minor charges against the defendant. However, now the young defendant is accused of reckless homicide and felony DUI resulting in death. The upgraded charges came a day after authorities reviewed the defendant’s medical records from the incident. He allegedly had three types of drugs and alcohol in his system.

Granted a $50,000 bond, the defendant must agree to be tested for drugs, wear an ankle tracking device and not drive for two months.

Source: goupstate.com, “High school student gets bond in fatal car wreck,” Felicia Kitzmiller, August 16, 2013