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What role did officer play in violent crimes?

Law enforcement are responsible for carrying out the law and protecting the public at all times. In Connecticut and beyond, police officers are therefore instructed on how to effectively identify and document encounters with civilians. In instances where a police officer’s failure to comply with protocol is linked to dangerous or criminal activity, the officer’s potential culpability for such offenses may be considered during the course of the criminal defense investigation.

An incident involving a state patrol officer in Columbus, Ohio, is under investigation to determine what role, if any, the officer played in a recent shooting. The patrol officer in question picked up two teenage boys who were walking on the side of the road in the early morning hours one Saturday. He drove the boys to a nearby truck stop and dropped them off, according to the officer’s own log book. Before that, he had apparently responded to an abandoned car in the same area. 

The problem is, though, that the two boys are accused of shooting someone at the truck stop only a couple hours after they were dropped off. Authorities now suspect that the patrol officer did not properly vet the boys before offering them a ride. Officers typically subject individuals to screening for past warrants and pat downs for weapons in these types of scenarios, and that may not have occurred in this case.

The boys are suspected of committing two fatal shootings prior to the truck stop incident, and authorities have linked them to the abandoned vehicle. For his possible involvement in the most recent shooting, the patrol officer is now under investigation. He is currently on administrative leave. 

Source: CBS News, “Ohio trooper didn’t check murder suspects he gave a ride,” July 31, 2013