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September 2013 Archives

Man escapes probation violation, sentenced to lockdown treatment

Sometimes people in the Fairfield County area, like anywhere else, are charged with drug crimes. However, not everyone charged with a drug crime is a bad person. Some people make honest mistakes, which can lead to charges. There are other people who make poor choices while they are trying to overcome drug dependencies.

Elderly Connecticut man facing charges of sexual assault

When someone in the Fairfield County area has been arrested or charged with a sex crime it’s very important for him or her to understand the implications that are involved. Just being charged for a sex crime can be enough to affect a person’s life forever, even when they are innocent.

Man being held on bail after arrest for drugs and weapons

People are arrested and/or charged with crimes everyday. However, not everyone that is charged with a crime in the Fairfield County area is guilty. Law enforcement officers make mistakes, just like everyone else. Sometimes those mistakes can end up leading to unfair charges or convictions to people who are innocent.

Coffee roaster employee faces insider trading charges

Individuals who work in the information technology department of their companies may find that they have access to an incredible wealth of financial information for the company. By scrutinizing proposed press releases, emails, and unreleased profit and loss statements, it may be possible to obtain insider information before it is released to members of the public. While it may be tempting to use this information for personal gain, such conduct is illegal and forcefully policed. As such, what may seem to be a few harmless phone calls resulting in a few extra dollars in a brokerage account can lead to an arrest on white collar crime charges.