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Man escapes probation violation, sentenced to lockdown treatment

Sometimes people in the Fairfield County area, like anywhere else, are charged with drug crimes. However, not everyone charged with a drug crime is a bad person. Some people make honest mistakes, which can lead to charges. There are other people who make poor choices while they are trying to overcome drug dependencies.

A man who was arrested for a probation violation has been sent to a corrections facility to spend several months in a locked-down substance abuse treatment center. Although the man was originally arrested for a probation violation that charge was dismissed. However, the judge sentenced the man to the treatment center for a separate crime. The man recently pleaded guilty to attempting to sell three Adderall pills in Norwalk.

In this most recent hearing, prosecutors withdrew the probation violation against the man after he agreed to a plea deal, which included the time in the community-based corrections facility (CBF). He also agreed to a $250 fine and his license was suspended for six months. According to court papers, the man had experienced some success in his drug treatment program but had a relapse. The judge at the hearing said he was hopeful that the time in the CBCF would help the man get on track.

Drug crimes are always serious. Prosecutors tend to seek the harshest penalties for those who have been charged with drug crimes. However, having an experienced criminal defense attorney can help a person who is facing drug charges get the best defense possible. If someone is facing these kinds of charges he or she should consider meeting with a lawyer.

Source: Norwalk Reflector, “Norwalk man sent to CBCF for selling Adderall,” Cary Ashby, Sep. 8, 2013.

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