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Authorities charge Fairfield man with several felonies

Anyone in the Fairfield area can be charged with a crime. However, charges are not convictions and when a person has been charged he or she still has plenty of options, but it’s important for him or her to understand all of the legal aspects involved.

A 69-year-old Connecticut man is facing several felony weapons charges after authorities recently discovered a huge stash of weapons at his home. However, the man’s attorney insists that the man is a hoarder and was not intending to use the guns for anything malicious. Authorities arrested the man after they recovered more than 270 guns, chemicals and explosives in his home. He has ben charged with seven felonies, including 11 counts of illegal possession of explosives.

The Fairfield man’s attorney claims that the defendant is a retired chemist and a gun collector. According to reports state environmental officials have confirmed that some of the chemicals recovered by authorities appear to be for the man’s small rocketry hobby. The man worked for both a gun maker and a chemical company before retiring. His attorney claims that all of his client’s guns are registered and legal. Authorities discovered the weapons and other items after the man reported a burglary at his home.

Although the evidence against this man could appear to very damaging at first, under further investigation it also could be seen as simply coincidental. It is important to understand that anyone who has been charged with a crime of any kind could simply be the victim of circumstantial evidence. Anyone facing criminal charges should probably meet with a criminal defense attorney soon.

Source: New York “Connecticut cops seize arsenal of guns and explosives from chemist's home,” Erik Ortiz, Oct. 8, 2013.

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