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Bridgeport authorities arrest three men on weapons charges

People in the Stamford area are charged with crimes every day. However, not everyone who is charged with a crime is guilty, but in order to avoid being found guilty it is very important that a person understand what he or she is up against when facing criminal charges.

Authorities in Bridgeport have seized several high-powered weapons and arrested three men after a months-long investigation. Two of the men were arrested for the illegal sale of a ruger.357 handgun, while the third man was arrested for the illegal sale of a Romarm AK-47 type assault weapon. Among the other charges for the first two men were criminal possession of a firearm, illegal transfer of a firearm, conspiracy to illegally sell a firearm and weapon in a motor vehicle.

The third man also faces several other additional charges, including sale of an assault weapon, conspiracy to sell narcotics, and sale of narcotics within 1,500 feet of a school. According to authorities, the weapons that were seized posed a great risk to the community, as well as to police officers, especially the AK-47, which would “rip through a police officer’s bullet-proof vest.” There were no reports as to how the men allegedly obtained the weapons or how law officers determined that the weapons belonged to the men.

These man face serious charges which if convicted could land them behind bars for many years to come. When someone is arrested and/or charged with a crime, including serious charges like these, it is important for him or her to seek the help of a knowledgeable and experienced defense attorney, who can help prepare the best defense possible.

Source: WTNH, "Cop-killing weapons seized in Bridgeport,” Oct. 1, 2013.

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