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November 2013 Archives

East Haven officers seeking new trial after convictions

There are a lot of people who are charged and convicted with crimes in the Stamford area every day. However, not everyone who is charged or even convicted is necessarily guilty. Any kind of criminal charge should be taken seriously, but federal charges can be particularly serious and difficult to overcome.

Youth group leader arrested for alleged sexual misconduct

There are a lot different circumstances that can lead to a person in the Fairfield County area being charged with a sex crime. However, being arrested or charged for a sex crime does not mean that a person is actually guilty, but he or she should always take such charges very serious.

Connecticut man charged in sex crime involving teenage boy

Anytime a person in the Stamford area has been arrested or charged with a sex crime of any kind it can affect that person forever. Sometimes, just the stigma of being charged with a sex crime can be bad enough. Even if a person is exonerated the charges can still have a negative affect on his or her life, especially when the situation involves a child.

Connecticut officers' conviction for harassment is telling

Sometimes there are situations in Fairfield County, as well as in other locations, in which a person convicted of a crime is truly innocent. There are still other situations where officers or other legal officials do not adhere to the law themselves. That is one more reason that anyone facing criminal charges should not lose hope.