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Connecticut officers' conviction for harassment is telling

Sometimes there are situations in Fairfield County, as well as in other locations, in which a person convicted of a crime is truly innocent. There are still other situations where officers or other legal officials do not adhere to the law themselves. That is one more reason that anyone facing criminal charges should not lose hope.

According to a recent report, the conviction of four East Haven police officers has left a black mark, so to speak, on all government officials in East Haven. According to the report, the four officers were convicted of harassing Hispanics to deny them their civil rights. Two of the officers involved were previously involved in the false arrest of a Catholic priest who had videotaped their alleged misconduct. The video proved that the priest was innocent, however, the department never formally censured the officers for the situation.

Meanwhile, according to a recent state government commission studying crime victims’ privacy rights, Connecticut continues to face more police corruption. Some are even questioning whether or not any public inquiry into criminal justice is legitimate. If the public is not allowed to have access to any information regarding criminal justice the consequences could be very detrimental. Such a policy could make it easier for misconduct and negligence to occur among law officers, prosecutors or judges.

It is unfortunate that anyone who is hired to uphold and protect the law would abuse that power to commit crimes themselves. However, such things do happen, which is why it is important for anyone in Stamford who has been arrested or charged with a crime to consider seeking the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Source: Journal Inquirer, “East Haven police corruption still taints all Connecticut,” Chris Powell, Oct. 26, 2013.

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