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East Haven officers seeking new trial after convictions

There are a lot of people who are charged and convicted with crimes in the Stamford area every day. However, not everyone who is charged or even convicted is necessarily guilty. Any kind of criminal charge should be taken seriously, but federal charges can be particularly serious and difficult to overcome.

Two East Haven law officers are fighting a conviction in federal court that they abused people’s civil rights. Both officers have filed for full acquittals as well as new trials after a jury found them guilty of conspiracy to violate civil rights, making an arrest without probable cause and filing a false arrest report. One of the officers was also convicted on a charge of excessive force.

The men were arrested last year after an FBI investigation into allegations that officers were illegally profiling Hispanic people. One of the officer’s attorneys claimed in their request for acquittal that the conviction should be set aside because “a reasonable juror could not have found guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.” At this time the officers have not been sentenced and area awaiting word on their request for new trials.

Whenever a person is charged of a crime he or she has the right to a fair trial. Likewise, even when a person has been convicted he or she can contest the ruling and seek an appeal or another trial. Anyone who is facing these kinds of circumstances should find the best federal criminal defense attorney possible to help him or her fight the allegations the best way possible.

Source: New Haven Register, “Convicted officers file motions for acquittal, new trial,” Evan Lips, Nov. 5, 2103.

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