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December 2013 Archives

Connecticut man arrested after allegedly assaulting store clerk

People are charged with crimes in the Fairfield County area every day. However, not everyone who has been charged with a crime is guilty. Even when the evidence points to a certain person that doesn’t mean he or she should give up hope of being acquitted. No matter how bad it looks a person is still innocent until proven guilty.

Two men arrested in connection with several home invasions

Whenever a person in the Fairfield County area is facing criminal charges he or she needs to understand how serious the situation is. Prosecutors are typically looking to get the maximum penalties for those who commit crimes. In order for a person to get the best defense possible he or she needs to act fast.

Man facing serious sex crime charges involving a minor

Being charged with a crime is never a good thing, but when a person is charged with a sex crime the consequences can be especially serious. Even if a person is acquitted of the charges he or she will most likely still face the stigma of being associated with a sex crime. Anyone in the Fairfield County area facing these kinds of charges needs to take them serious.

Connecticut teen pleads not guilty in case involving stolen sign

When a person in the Elkhorn area finds him or herself facing criminal charges of any kind he or she should take them seriously. If convicted, a person stands to lose many things including his or her freedom. Even if a person has admitted to being involved in a crime he or she has to be found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.