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Connecticut man arrested after allegedly assaulting store clerk

People are charged with crimes in the Fairfield County area every day. However, not everyone who has been charged with a crime is guilty. Even when the evidence points to a certain person that doesn’t mean he or she should give up hope of being acquitted. No matter how bad it looks a person is still innocent until proven guilty.

Authorities have arrested and charged a New London man with a hate crime after he allegedly assaulted a store clerk at a Sam’s Food store recently. According to reports officers responded to a call of a fight at the store and arrested the customer upon arriving at the scene. The 28-year-old man reportedly got upset with the clerk, then proceeded to throw money at him, and then assaulted him behind the counter.

Investigators say that the man allegedly punched the store clerk and referenced his nationality. They say the man also allegedly threatened the man because of his nationality. He was charged with intimidation based on bigotry and bias, assault in the third degree and breach of peace. According to reports the man’s injuries are not believed to be serious. There were no other reports as to what exactly may have provoked the man to allegedly assault the clerk.

If this man is convicted of these crimes he stands to spend time in prison. Although it may appear that he was at fault in this incident, there are still several other questions that need to be addresses, like was he provoked in any way, or did the store clerk threaten him in any way? Therefore, getting the right criminal defense attorney is probably the most important thing someone in this situation can do.

Source: NBC Connecticut “Man charged with hate crime after attacking clerk,” Dec. 6, 2013.

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