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Man facing serious sex crime charges involving a minor

Being charged with a crime is never a good thing, but when a person is charged with a sex crime the consequences can be especially serious. Even if a person is acquitted of the charges he or she will most likely still face the stigma of being associated with a sex crime. Anyone in the Fairfield County area facing these kinds of charges needs to take them serious.

A former radio personality has been charged with trying to arrange to have sex with a 7-year-old girl. The man was arrested in the U.S. Virgin Islands after being caught in a sting operation. His attorney claims that investigators pushed his client into implicating himself. According to authorities the man thought he was communicating with the girl's mother and was allegedly trying to set up a meeting in order to have sex with the girl.

The man allegedly bought plane tickets for the woman and her daughter to fly to St. Croix, but when he arrived at the airport authorities instead arrested him. However, the man's attorney claims that his client was actually interested in the girl's mother and that she was the one who actually initiated the conversations about the girl. He has been charged with attempting to transport a minor in interstate commerce with the intent of engaging in illegal sexual activity.

This man obviously faces a very serious charge. If convicted he could spend many years in prison and his life would be altered forever. Like this man, anyone who has been charged with a sex crime should act fast and seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Source: Connecticut Post, "Former radio DJ faces sex charge in NJ court," David Porter, Nov. 27, 2013

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