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January 2014 Archives

Connecticut man facing animal abuse charges in alleged cat deaths

Many different circumstances can lead to criminal charges in the Bridgeport area. However, not everyone who is charged with a criminal offense is necessarily guilty of the charges, even when the evidence looks damaging. Therefore, anyone facing criminal charges should not give up hope.

Authorities capture banker wanted by FBI for fraud charges

When a person is facing white-collar crime charges he or she should take the charges very serious. Although white-collar crimes may not seem as serious as other kinds of criminal charges they can carry very long prison sentences when a person is convicted. Anyone in the Fairfield County area facing these kinds of charges should act fast in order to defend him or herself.

Authorities charge New Britain man with assault and kidnapping

There are all kinds of criminal charges and some are obviously more serious than others. Sex crimes are typically considered to be some of the most serious crimes and they can also have the biggest impact on a person’s life. When someone in the Stamford area has been charged with a sex crime he or she could be facing some serious penalties.

Judge grants lawyer's acquittal request in murder trial

When a person is charged with a crime in the Bridgeport area he or she may feel extremely defeated and perhaps even that his or her life is over. However, even after a conviction there is always the possibility of an appeal or even a retrial. Of course no one wants to be charged or convicted of a crime, but anyone who has, shouldn’t feel that all hope is lost.