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Authorities capture banker wanted by FBI for fraud charges

When a person is facing white-collar crime charges he or she should take the charges very serious. Although white-collar crimes may not seem as serious as other kinds of criminal charges they can carry very long prison sentences when a person is convicted. Anyone in the Fairfield County area facing these kinds of charges should act fast in order to defend him or herself.

Authorities have arrested a man who was wanted for wire fraud and who was also believed to be dead by many. The 47-year-old former banker was wanted for a $21 million wire fraud after he allegedly stole millions from investors who had invested in the Montgomery Bank & Trust, where he was director. The man had apparently killed himself after leaving a suicide note. He was also seen purchasing diving weights and had purchased a ticket to board a ferry.

Due to the evidence a Florida judge declared the man dead, however the FBI wasn’t so sure. Despite his note claiming that he was boarding a ferry with the intention to jump to his death out to sea, FBI investigators believed he was still alive and that he was using one of the boats he owned.

Although this man is facing serious charges and the evidence against him appears to be very damaging, he is still innocent until proven guilty. Likewise, anyone in the Norwalk area who is facing white-collar crime charges should probably seek the help of the best criminal defense attorney possible in order to build the best defense possible.

Source: New York Daily News, “'Dead' banker, Aubrey Lee Price, arrested on $21M fraud charges 18 months after claimed suicide,” Nina Golgowski, Jan. 1, 2014

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