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Authorities charge New Britain man with assault and kidnapping

There are all kinds of criminal charges and some are obviously more serious than others. Sex crimes are typically considered to be some of the most serious crimes and they can also have the biggest impact on a person’s life. When someone in the Stamford area has been charged with a sex crime he or she could be facing some serious penalties.

Authorities have arrested a New Britain man and charged him with kidnapping and sexual assault. According to investigators, the 28-year-old man allegedly forced a woman into his vehicle then drove her to another location. Authorities allege that the man approached the woman while she was walking. Investigators claim that the man then threatened to stab the woman if she didn’t get into his van. According to reports, the woman got in the van and was allegedly sexually assaulted in the other location.

Investigators say that the woman was then taken back to the original area and dropped off by the man. The woman was reportedly able to describe the vehicle in great detail to authorities, as well as describe her alleged assailant. The man is being held on $500,000 bond while he faces charges of threatening, kidnapping and sexual assault.

If this man is convicted he could be facing a tough sentence. If he hasn’t retained an experienced and competent criminal defense attorney by now he should probably do so right away. Likewise, anyone in the Fairfield County area who is facing any kind of criminal charges might want to consult with a lawyer as well.

Source: WTNH, “Man charged with kidnapping and sex assault,” Dec. 26, 2013

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