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Connecticut man facing animal abuse charges in alleged cat deaths

Many different circumstances can lead to criminal charges in the Bridgeport area. However, not everyone who is charged with a criminal offense is necessarily guilty of the charges, even when the evidence looks damaging. Therefore, anyone facing criminal charges should not give up hope.

Connecticut authorities have arrested a man in connection with several animal killings in the Enfield area. According to investigators, the 20-year-old man allegedly abused and killed seven cats, which apparently belonged to his fiancée’s family. The family reportedly rescued cats for several years. The man is being held on $150,000 bail. Authorities have officially charged the man with animal cruelty.

According to court documents, the man allegedly threw the cats around the house, which caused blunt force trauma. The animals apparently suffered several serious injuries, including internal and external cuts, broken bones and damaged organs. According to reports, the man allegedly admitted to his future mother-in-law that he did kill five cats. However, he reportedly told police that he did not know how the cat’s got hurt.

As with many criminal cases, the evidence in this situation appears damaging to the man who has been charged. However, just because things look bad that does not mean he is guilty of any crimes. This man, like anyone else has the right to a fair trial and with an experienced criminal defense attorney in his corner he may be able to beat the charges and avoid a conviction. Likewise, anyone facing any criminal charges in the Danbury area should probably meet with a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: The Day, “Connecticut man accused of abusing, killing 7 cats,” Jan. 10, 2014

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