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Judge grants lawyer's acquittal request in murder trial

When a person is charged with a crime in the Bridgeport area he or she may feel extremely defeated and perhaps even that his or her life is over. However, even after a conviction there is always the possibility of an appeal or even a retrial. Of course no one wants to be charged or convicted of a crime, but anyone who has, shouldn’t feel that all hope is lost.

A New Haven judge has granted a defense attorney’s request for an acquittal for a man who was charged with killing a high school basketball star. According to court papers the judge’s decision came just three days after the prosecutions’ most important witness apparently decided not to testify. Reportedly that witness had previously told police that the defendant had bragged about killing the victim.

The judge ordered the defendant to be released and told the court that the prosecution hadn’t proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt. According to reports, during a part of the trial when the jury was not allowed in the courtroom, those who were present heard a tape of the witness’s testimony to authorities. He reportedly told investigators that the defendant shot the teen by accident in a robbery attempt gone wrong. The defendant’s attorney, however, argued that even if the witness had testified the result probably would have been the same.

When a person is facing criminal charges he or she should probably act fast and find a competent and experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as he or she can in order to build the best defense possible.

Source: New Haven Register, “Acquittal motion granted in New Haven trial in slaying of Timothy Mathis,” Randall Beach, Dec. 16, 2013

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