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Young mother charged after one son bites the other

There are many different situations that can lead to a person being charged with a crime. In fact, people are charged with crimes in the Stamford area on a daily basis. However, not everyone who has been arrested or charged with a crime is guilty.

A young mother from Torrington has been charged with risk of injury to a minor after allegedly failing to do enough to protect her 19-month-old son from his two-year-old brother. The woman was arrested after her son was treated for serious bite wounds to his body. According to reports, the 27-year-old woman was aware that her older son was biting her younger son. Doctors and investigators both said that she should have done more to prevent the attacks.

The woman claimed that her sons would fight over toys, which is when the older son would resort to biting. The younger boy had 11 fresh bite wounds when he was treated and doctors say that he had similar wounds that occurred earlier and were still healing. They say the attacks went on for at least a month, but the mother allegedly never did anything to stop them.

In this instance the case against this woman appears to be damaging, which is very common in almost all criminal cases. However, that does not mean she is guilty of the charge she is facing. It may be in her best interest to find a knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney at this time. Likewise, anyone facing similar circumstances in Fairfield County should probably do the same.


Source: NBC Connecticut, “Mom charged after son suffered deep bite wounds,” Ilana Gold, Jan. 10, 2014

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