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February 2014 Archives

Fairfield college student denies rape allegations

Of all the crimes a person can be charged with a sex crime can be one of the most devastating. The stigma that comes with a sex crime can stick with a person for a lifetime? Even if a person is found innocent just being charged with a sex crime can damage a person’s reputation forever. Anyone in the Fairfield area facing a sex charge should take that charge very seriously as well as remember that you he or she is innocent until proven guilty.

Alleged mob boss set free after beating two racketeering trials

There are many people who have been charged with crimes in the New Canaan area who are later acquitted of those charges. Just because you have been arrested or even charged with a criminal offense that doesn't mean you are guilty. In fact, even if you have to face a multiple trials you are still innocent until proven guilty.

Man accused of dealing drugs now faces weapons charges

When a person is convicted of a crime in the Fairfield county area there are many steps in the process that will determine whether or not he or she is convicted and spends any time in prison. It’s important for anyone who is facing criminal charges to understand that he or she is innocent until proven guilty, even if the evidence looks bad.