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Alleged mob boss set free after beating two racketeering trials

There are many people who have been charged with crimes in the New Canaan area who are later acquitted of those charges. Just because you have been arrested or even charged with a criminal offense that doesn't mean you are guilty. In fact, even if you have to face a multiple trials you are still innocent until proven guilty.

A 74-year-old man who is allegedly a mob boss is free from prison after overcoming two separate trials for racketeering charges. The man had spent two and a half years behind bars before beating the charges the second time. Prosecutors say they will not try the man a third time. According to court documents the man was charged with some low-end loansharking and gambling operations, like trying to control illegal gambling machines.

In 2011 federal prosecutors charged more than 12 people after completing an investigation that began nearly 10 years earlier. Eleven people ended up being convicted, but in the case against this man 10 out of the 12 jurors determined that he was not guilty of racketeering conspiracy. Meantime, two separate juries also acquitted him of lesser counts. A judge then dismissed the remaining counts.

Although the investigation that lead to the charges against this man went on for more than 10 years the evidence was still not enough to get a conviction. Not everyone who has been charged with a crime is guilty. That's why if you are facing federal charges like this man you should probably find a competent attorney who can help you prepare the best federal criminal defense possible in order to fight the charges and avoid conviction.

Source: Connecticut Post, "Reputed Philadelphia mob boss freed after 2 trials," Maryclaire Dale, Jan. 28, 2014

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