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Man accused of dealing drugs now faces weapons charges

When a person is convicted of a crime in the Fairfield county area there are many steps in the process that will determine whether or not he or she is convicted and spends any time in prison. It’s important for anyone who is facing criminal charges to understand that he or she is innocent until proven guilty, even if the evidence looks bad.

A Bridgeport man is facing serious criminal charges after being the subject of a lengthy investigation, recently. According to reports, the man has been accused of selling drugs and illegally possessing a weapon. Investigators arrested the 45-year-old man in January after they allegedly found a gun and illegal prescription drugs in his home.

The man has officially been charged with criminal possession of a pistol, selling prescription medication, sale of narcotics, illegal manufacturing of drugs and criminal possession of a firearm. Investigators searched the man’s home in connection to several drug sales that took place in Stratford. However, it was not reported why investigators originally began looking at this man as a suspect in those cases. At the time of this report the man was being held on bond of $100,000.

Anyone who is facing criminal charges, no matter how serious, should consider contacting an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who can help. An attorney can play a key role in determining whether or not a person is convicted, as well as how long his or her sentence may be if he or she is convicted. Therefore, speaking with a lawyer is probably a good idea.

Source: NBC Connecticut, “Accused heroin dealer facing drug, weapons charges,” Ari Mason, Jan. 22, 2014

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