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Kennedy acquitted of DUI after evidence supports her alibi

When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle you have the responsibility to ensure that you are capable of operating said vehicle. Of course, no one in Fairfield County, or anywhere else, should drive while he or she is impaired. However, what happens if a person ends up behind the wheel of a vehicle after accidently becoming impaired?

The daughter of Senator Robert F. Kennedy has been acquitted of drugged-driving charges after she reportedly mixed up her medication before getting behind the wheel of her vehicle. Although the prosecution agreed that Kerry Kennedy did in fact accidently take a powerful and quick-acting sleeping pill before operating her vehicle, they charged her with drugged-driving on the grounds that she continued to drive even after she realized she had mixed up her medication.

According to reports, Ms. Kennedy accidently took the Ambien pill after apparently confusing it with her Thyroid medication, which is very similar in size, shape and color. Had she been convicted of the crime, Ms. Kennedy faced the possibility of as much as a year in prison and loss of driving privileges. However, the jury returned with a not guilty verdict and Ms. Kennedy, who fought the charges all the way, was vindicated.

If you have been wrongfully charged with a DWI or any other crime, then you could probably use the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney by your side. Trying to fight this kind of battle on your own is probably not a good idea. Contacting a lawyer should probably be you first move if you’re ever facing criminal charges of any kind.

Source: USA Today, “Kerry Kennedy acquitted of drugged driving,” Erik Schilling, Feb. 28, 2014

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