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Man finally freed after 25 years for murder he didn�t commit

Imagine being charged with a crime that you didn’t commit. Now imagine that despite having proof that could help authorities determine that you weren’t even in the same state when the crime happened, you were still convicted. Just because a person in Fairfield County is charged with a crime, does not mean he or she is guilty, but wrongful convictions can still happen.

According to reports, a man who was convicted of shooting his friend back in 1989 has finally been set free by a judge in Brooklyn, New York. The man was reportedly convicted of murder, even though he had tangible proof that he did not commit the crime. The man was reportedly in Florida at the time of the shooting and he even had a Florida hotel receipt that was paid just a few hours before the crime was committed.

The man also reportedly had plane ticket stubs, as well as video and post cards from his trip, but none of it was enough for him to avoid being convicted. The prosecutors said that he could have actually been in New York and an eyewitness claimed she saw him pull the trigger. However, she later admitted to lying and recanted her testimony.

If you have been wrongfully convicted of a crime, then you should probably seek the help of a new defense lawyer as you seek an appeal to your conviction. Not all attorneys have the same level of capabilities, which is why you need to find a competent and experienced criminal defense lawyer to help you fight your conviction.

Source: USA Today, “Man cleared of NYC murder after 25 years in prison,” USA Today, Apr. 8, 2014.

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