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Sexting naked images brings felony charges to teenagers

In Connecticut, the act of sexting comes with severe consequences, including felony charges if the sexts contain images of children younger than 16-years-old. This is of particular concern, as many American teenagers are caught up in a world of cellphone porn. For teenagers, sending a naked image of themselves to a boyfriend or girlfriend may seem like a harmless act; however, it may result in their partner being arrested on charges of possession or distribution of child porn and labeled a sex offender.

Eight teens were arrested in Anchorage for having naked pictures of other teens on several electronic devices. These photographs focused on the genitalia, which is a characteristic indicative of child porn. Although many of the pictures were ‘selfies’ taken by the naked teens themselves, they are still considered child porn because the teens were under the age of 18-years-old, which is the age limit for child porn photography in Alaska.

More than 50 students were questioned regarding the images as the Cyber Crimes Unit investigated what seemed to be an ‘Instagram ring’ of pornography. One of the police officers in charge of the investigation reported that the kids involved were generally good children; however, they simply had poor judgment which led to bad decisions.

Multiple studies show that the teenage brain is not fully developed and, in some teens, lacks the ability to make rational decisions or to anticipate the devastating consequences of their behavior. A criminal law attorney may be helpful in providing legal advice to teens who have made poor decisions and have been charged with sexting or other sex crimes.

Source: CT Post, “Anchorage youths face child porn charges,” May, 13, 2014. 

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