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Juvenile Crimes Archives

Motor Vehicle Offenses Involving Teen Drivers

Teen drivers face special restrictions when driving and need to know the laws and penalties associated with certain motor vehicle offenses. Pleading guilty in court or by mail (through payment of the fine) can result in a loss of driving privileges and could affect your insurance premiums.

Underage DWI charge for fatal accident

While many Connecticut state and federal guidelines are in place to protect the rights of child victims and defendants, some may fail to address the unique circumstances surrounding individual cases. Similarly, there are instances where authorities interpret the law in a way that can unduly impact young defendants. One young man is facing criminal charges for his alleged involvement in the death of two people, while authorities may be using his age against him.

Minor offenses have serious ramifications for Connecticut kids

When Connecticut families, and those all throughout the country, send their kids off to school they are releasing them into a much different world than existed only a decade ago. No parent can afford to be innocent to the fact that schools are not the safe havens many once trusted them to be, and no one can assume they are entirely protected from random acts of violence. In uncertain times like these, parents, students and entire communities are expected to be especially vigilant about preventing crimes before they can occur. And while most agree that all learning establishments must strictly enforce a zero-tolerance policy for guns and/or other weapons on campuses, individual cases of kids being punished for their mistakes may reflect greater fears and insecurities.