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Posts tagged "drug charges"

Drug dogs less reliable in traffic stop searches

Have you been arrested or charged with a drug crime? Even though the evidence against you may look bad that doesn’t mean you don’t have a chance of beating the charges. Investigators make mistakes, which is why anyone in the Fairfield County area facing drug charges should understand his or her rights.

Man escapes probation violation, sentenced to lockdown treatment

Sometimes people in the Fairfield County area, like anywhere else, are charged with drug crimes. However, not everyone charged with a drug crime is a bad person. Some people make honest mistakes, which can lead to charges. There are other people who make poor choices while they are trying to overcome drug dependencies.

Man being held on bail after arrest for drugs and weapons

People are arrested and/or charged with crimes everyday. However, not everyone that is charged with a crime in the Fairfield County area is guilty. Law enforcement officers make mistakes, just like everyone else. Sometimes those mistakes can end up leading to unfair charges or convictions to people who are innocent.

Some drug crimes may be exempt from minimum sentences

While the institution of mandatory minimum sentences may be intended to deter potential offenders and enforce a strict stance on crime, it also fails to acknowledge key factors in individual cases. It’s for that reason, among others, that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is endorsing changes to how some drug crimes are prevented and addressed in Connecticut and states around the country.

Couple faces serious drug charges in Stamford

In incidents involving prolonged police investigations leading to multiple charges, suspects often face the prospect of stressful and lengthy trial proceedings. In some instances, law enforcement officers have been working in conjunction with prosecutors to build a case against people before they are even officially identified as suspects, placing them at a great disadvantage to seek adequate counsel and build a defense strategy. Similarly, when two familiar parties are accused of committing a crime together, they may face the added burden of distinguishing their actions from those of their counterpart. One Connecticut couple is now in this very difficult situation, facing multiple criminal charges.

Traffic stop turns into serious drug bust

Most people, both in Connecticut and across the country have been through a routine traffic stop. Whether it be on account of out-of-date license tabs, an illegal lane change, or speeding, being stopped by a police officer can be an expensive, but often temporary inconvenience.

Medical pot: what's legal, what's not?

In Stamford and across the state, thousands each year still receive stiff fines and jail time for the possession, distribution, and growth of marijuana, which is federally designated as a "schedule 1" drug offense, bringing on the most stringent of sentences. However, like many states across the nation, Connecticut's approach to marijuana and the medically beneficial uses the drug may provide is maturing toward a more modern and comprehensive position.

New court offers vets a recourse from prison time

Drug crimes frequently have their beginnings in very legal and necessary medical use. Warranted prescription medication can quickly and unintentionally become dependence and abuse, driving once law-abiding citizens to do unprecedented and out of character things in order to continue feeding their addictions.

New Haven man receives stiff drug sentence

In any legal case, when multiple criminal charges are in play the situation grows especially serious. One charge frequently influences and implicates another, and potential sentencing totals can quickly add up to an intimidating amount of fines and jail time. While every criminal defense case has the potential to render a "not guilty" verdict or seriously lessened charges, the severity of these cases demands that a defendant be serious and proactive in their legal actions.