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Important Facts about Connecticut's DUI/OUI Laws

Driving in Connecticut is considered a privilege, not a right. If you are charged with operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs you may face serious consequences. You may lose your driving privileges, have to participate in an Alcohol Education Program, and may face having a criminal record and/or incarceration. Here are some important facts regarding Connecticut's DUI/OUI laws:

Man facing several charges after altercation with co-worker

Any kind of criminal charge should be taken serious. From a DUI to assault, any crime can have serious consequences that can affect a person for a lifetime. People in the Bridgeport area make poor decisions from time to time, but that doesn’t mean everyone arrested for a crime is guilty or that he or she should always receive the maximum penalty if convicted.

DUI case thrown out after alcohol tests come back negative

Imagine being pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence in Fairfield County when you haven’t even had one sip of alcohol. Then, imagine the officer asking you to perform a field sobriety test and telling you that you failed it. Next, imagine being taken to the police station and being given a Breathalyzer test, which comes back at 0.00 and still being arrested for a DUI.

Criminal charges can come late and heavy

When a major car accident occurs in Connecticut and beyond, it is not entirely uncommon for the scene to be confusing and even chaotic. Often times, victims require immediate attention and authorities may document details of the incident for later review so that the scene can be cleared as quickly as possible. It may be in these types of cases that criminal charges are filed only after authorities take the time to consider the incident, making the need for sound legal counsel more crucial than ever. One young man is now facing serious underage drinking charges relating to the death of another motorist in an accident that happened last year.

New drunk driving program could be promising trend

While anti-drunk driving efforts have been in place for years, it seems like the issue is being addressed with more fervor than ever. In Connecticut and states around the country, DUI legislation is increasingly strict. Moreover, some zero-tolerance policies have set precedence for other courts and states to follow, as criminal defense attorneys voice concerns over the increasing infringement of defendants' rights in many cases. If proven successful, a new program may start a trend that promotes safety and addresses the needs repeat drunk driving offenders at the same time.

Drunk driving suspects vulnerable under the law

The American legal system is built on the foundation that every citizen is innocent until proven guilty in the court of law. Though, federal legislation that affects thousands of people each year may be designed and implemented to actually incriminate individuals unless they can prove their innocence. The flaws in drunk driving laws can be seen in how they are written and enforced throughout Connecticut and the country.

Locked out? Breathalyzer ignition locks may expand

Numerous measures can comprise the sentencing for a drunk driving conviction. From the loss of a license, heavy fines, to jail time, judges and juries make deliberate attempts to keep those found guilty off the road and seriously impacted by their conviction. One additional measure that can dog a driver long after fines have been paid and time is served is the inclusion of an ignition lock device on their current or future vehicle(s)

Reckless behavior lands woman DWI charge

Running away from a drunk driving charge is never a worthwhile strategy. Be it the initial arrest, an outstanding charge, or pending sentencing, each step in the process is one that defendants should meet directly and with the help of a proactive legal defense. While the looming obstacle of a DWI or DUI charge can be intimidating, running away can only aggravate and complicate life beyond the inevitable court date.

Man asserts his innocence in DUI case

"Innocent until proven guilty" is one of the fundamental principles of America's justice system. Too often though, in world of fast-paced media and endless opinion exchange, suspects are taken as guilty criminals before they ever have their entitled chance to defend themselves in court. However, in the face of a DUI charge, one New England man is working hard fight this trend and assert his rights.