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New software to determine parole

Many remember the very successful Tom Cruise film "Minority Report" for its dazzling visuals and compelling action. However, the central concept of an automated computer predicting a suspect's crime before it is committed stuck with many as an unsettling, potentially dangerous development in the handling of criminal justice.

Crime labs ridden with shoddy work, poor regulation

The outcome of a crime lab's work is tantamount; even a single piece of microscopic evidence can make the difference between a defendant's complete exculpation and a potentially life-long prison sentence. Justices, jurors, attorneys, and those charged with a criminal offense all depend on the rightful examination and reliability of a crime lab's work. However, that important trust may be often misplaced, a new report intimates.

Registered sex offenders lose the right to play online

It's no secret that the punishments doled out for sex crime conviction are serious and varied in nature. On top of steep fines and lengthy prison time, a guilty verdict will follow a person for the rest of their life in the form of registered sex offender status. With it comes not only an extremely negative social stigma, but also the revocation of many basic privileges and freedoms that everyday citizens enjoy.

Locked out? Breathalyzer ignition locks may expand

Numerous measures can comprise the sentencing for a drunk driving conviction. From the loss of a license, heavy fines, to jail time, judges and juries make deliberate attempts to keep those found guilty off the road and seriously impacted by their conviction. One additional measure that can dog a driver long after fines have been paid and time is served is the inclusion of an ignition lock device on their current or future vehicle(s)