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Posts tagged "sex offender"

Connecticut Supreme Court to address issues of consent and abuse

Many state and federal laws have been instituted to safeguard vulnerable members of society like the elderly and the disabled from illegal acts of discrimination and/or other forms of abuse. And while legislation is in place to help ensure that everyone is entitled to the same basic rights in this country, individual cases sometimes expose potential cracks in the larger system. One recent Connecticut lawsuit deals with issues of disability and consent, challenging what constitutes sex offenses when it comes to acts like sadomasochism.

Sexual assault charges filed against Stamford man

A sexual assault charge is a serious one, and if a person is found guilty in a court of law, he could find himself looking at serving several years in prison. He is also labeled as a sex offender and when he are released, he will have to abide by very strict rules if he doesn't want to be sent back to prison. It is a label that people wear the rest of their lives. Practically everywhere they go they are required to identify themselves as such.

Registered sex offenders lose the right to play online

It's no secret that the punishments doled out for sex crime conviction are serious and varied in nature. On top of steep fines and lengthy prison time, a guilty verdict will follow a person for the rest of their life in the form of registered sex offender status. With it comes not only an extremely negative social stigma, but also the revocation of many basic privileges and freedoms that everyday citizens enjoy.